The Sump Pump Company – Who we are.

The Sump Pump Company is a growing company serving the Chicago area, located in suburban Morton Grove. After seeing so many people suffer when their inferior pump systems did not work at the moment of truth, David Bogot – owner of L.J. Brown Plumbing – conceived the idea of a company specializing only in sump pumps. He knew he could help people avoid the pain and hassle caused by a flooded basement or crawlspace, so he created The Sump Pump Company to do just that.

“I’m committed to helping our customers choose the RIGHT sump pump systems to protect their homes and what they own,” says Dave Bogot, owner. “This is not the area to choose the cheapest product you can find; by educating our customers, we help them make the correct choice, and avoid the misery of a flood.”

The Sump Pump Company can help you choose the right system to help keep your basement or crawlspace dry – and keep your peace of mind intact.

Who We Are

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