The Most Expensive Inexpensive Sump Pump

The Price of an Inexpensive Sump Pump

It’s a common discussion: How can you be sure you’re getting the best value for your money? When the topic is sump pumps, it can get complicated. As we worked to create The Sump Pump Company, we did some research and called many other pump companies, seeking to find out what was available in our marketplace. We were surprised by the wide range of products and prices, and by the difference in customer service that was obvious, judging only by the quality of the telephone representatives. There are so many products, and so many plumbing companies that do sump pump installations, it can really be overwhelming.

Nice and Dry Basement
Nice and Dry Basement

We think it’s vital to put the price of a sump pump system in perspective. We’re talking about protecting your home, preventing the significant work and cost to clean up after a flood.  Even if you’ve covered yourself and purchased supplemental sump pump damage insurance, your deductible alone will likely be many hundreds to a few thousand dollars.

Compared to the cost of a flood, it’s just not worth it to try to save every last penny on your sump pump; the consequences will be measured in more than just dollars. The heartache, hassle, and potential loss of irreplaceable items make it a no-brainer: protect yourself with proven, quality products installed by sump pump experts (and make sure you install a battery backup sump pump system). A little extra spent now could make an enormous difference later. How much is your peace of mind worth?

Browse our web site and learn why we believe our products offer the best combination of quality and value. Then, make sure you’re protected with a good primary and battery backup pump system. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the web site or by phone at 847-967-PUMP (7867).

– Dave

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