Zoeller Sump Pumps Are The Best…

“My Brother-in-Law Says Zoeller Sump Pumps Are The Best…”

I had a conversation with a customer recently, and believe it or not we were discussing sump pumps… The customer told me that his brother-in-law swore by Zoeller sump pumps, and insisted that was the only manufacturer he should ever consider for his sump pump replacement.

Zoeller-Sump Pumps
Zoeller-Sump Pumps

As you may know, I have pretty strong opinions on sump pumps. I happen to think that Zoeller is one of the best pump brands out there; in fact, my plumbing company installed Zoeller sump pumps for decades. My last sump pump was a Zoeller M53, and it worked beautifully for over 6 years.  When it failed a few years back,

I installed a PHCC Pro Series S3033 in its place.

Deluxe controller with dual float switch and ⅓ HP pump
Deluxe controller with dual float switch and ⅓ HP pump


Why would I change after such a successful run with Zoeller? The fact is, we found a better product. The combination of features that the S3033 pump and Deluxe Dual Float Controller offers is simply superior to Zoeller. We’ve also been selling PHCC Pro Series long enough to prove that they last at least as long. Better features and a good track record – that’s hard to beat!

I realize that people resist change, and there is a lot of sentiment for “old school” products and methods. Like it or not, things change, and it’s my responsibility to keep up to date with new sump pump technologies. That way, I can make informed, credible recommendations about which products my customers can rely on to protect their homes.  With no disrespect to Zoeller, I am confident that PHCC Pro Series pumps represents the BEST balance between quality and value available on the market, and that’s why I use them to protect my own home.

And remember, no matter what brand of sump pump you use: if you don’t have a battery backup pump system, you don’t have a sump pump at all!  Protect yourself with a backup so you can rest easy at night (especially during rain storms).

– Dave

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