Illinois Home Repair & Remodeling Act (Good Stuff)

The Illinois Home Repair & Remodeling Act

State Seal of Illinois
State Seal of Illinois

The title is quite a mouthful, but “The Act” is a powerful piece of legislation designed to help keep consumers from getting ripped off.  Back in the year 2000, Illinois passed a law requiring contractors to provide certain information to customers, informing them of their legal rights.  The law was designed with an eye towards preventing home repair scams that commonly victimize elderly people. You’ve probably seen the story many times; an old lady scammed by an unscrupulous “contractor” who claimed to have a cheap fix for a problem the homeowner didn’t even know they had.  The contractor was even kind enough to drive the victim to the bank, where they withdrew money for a “deposit”.  Once paid, of course nobody ever returns to perform any work.

To comply with The Act, contractors are required to give customers a brochure, which details many facts about home repair contracts and scams, and how to recognize when you may be getting taken advantage of.  It also contains contact information for the Attorney General’s office.  In addition to providing the brochure, contractors are also required to make it clear that consumers have the right to cancel any contract they sign, within 3 business days.

Of course, The Sump Pump Company fully complies with these laws – in fact, we have built all of the required paperwork right into our service invoice.  Don’t be put off with what at first may seem like too much paperwork.  On closer inspection, you’ll see that it’s designed with your protection in mind, and we’re happy to comply.  It’s just one more reason you can enjoy peace of mind when you call The Sump Pump Company.

Remember, you need a good sump pump and battery backup pump system to protect your home and what you own.  Call a good company to provide them for you, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected.  Call The Sump Pump Company today!

~ The Sump Pump Company

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