Is Eight Enough? The “OCTO-PUMP”

Is Eight Enough? How much is YOUR peace of mind worth?

OCTO-Pump - Piece of Mind
OCTO-Pump – Piece of Mind

Last weekend my wife and I had dinner with old friends, whom we had not seen in a number of years since we all lived down in the City. They, like us, had kids and migrated up to the suburbs; in their case Glencoe. Dave is a developer and builder, and his wife Andrea is an extremely talented interior designer. They built a magnificent home for their family, and I have to tell you it’s absolutely gorgeous!

About 6 months after they moved in, there were large storms. Unfortunately, Dave & Andrea were inundated with almost 2 feet of water in their brand-new, beautiful basement. Dave decided that he was going to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to make sure he never had another drop of water! Some might say he went a little overboard, but I can assure you he does not lose once second of sleep worrying about a basement flood…

Dave tapped some of the vendors he works with to build commercial buildings, and they collaborated on a new sump pump design. They tore out the old basin and installed a new basin 3 feet in diameter and 6 feet deep. Into that basin, they installed EIGHT PUMPS. Yes, you read that correctly. My friend Dave’s basement has EIGHT SUMP PUMPS in it! Four of them are primary, AC pumps, controlled by a custom made panel which alternates them so they all get exercised. In addition, he installed four battery backup pumps made by the same company as the internet-connected pump I’ve been testing for almost a year in my own basement – I’ll be picking his brain to see how they’ve performed (I’m guessing very well, or they wouldn’t be there).

Two pairs of pumps discharge into a 4” pipe, and the other two pairs connect to a second 4” pipe. Those two pipes then merge into an enormous 6” pipe, which is connected directly to the storm sewer outside. Without question, this is the most impressive sump pump system I have ever seen in ANY building, let alone a single family home!

Overkill? I say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What’s YOUR peace of mind worth? You may not need the OCTO-PUMP, but, like we say at The Sump Pump Company,  if you don’t have a battery backup sump pump, you don’t have a sump pump at all! Protect your home and what you own, and enjoy the peace of mind…

~ Dave

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