Sump Pump Exercise – Get your Pump Moving.

The Benefits of Sump Pump Exercise

Sump Pump Excercise
Sump Pump Excercise

We all know that regular exercise helps keep our bodies in shape, prevents a myriad of health problems, and generally helps us live longer, healthier lives. Well, believe it or not, regular exercise is also essential for keeping sump pump systems in top condition!

As you know, most sump pumps live their lives partially or totally submerged in water. Over time, minerals and debris present in the water can build up deposits on those parts of the pump that it touches. Also, the water promotes corrosion (rusting) of metal parts.

Pumps that sit in water and rarely operate are prone to problems with corrosion and buildups. A pump that sits long enough will fail – when it tries to turn on, if the layers of corrosion and buildup are thick enough, they will prevent the motor and pump from turning, and the pump will burn out, shut off on overload, or even trip the circuit breaker. In our experience, we find all too often that pumps which operates regularly last FAR LONGER than those which simply sit in water and never run.

The solution is regular exercise.  If the pump is run every so often, it helps keep deposits and corrosion from building up, so it will be able to operate when called upon. That’s why we offer pump controllers that are capable of automatically exercising the pump at regular intervals (usually once a week, for just a few seconds). This regular exercise is enough to allow the moving parts to spin and keep themselves free of buildups.

In our opinion, ALL sump pumps (primary AND battery backup) should have controllers that exercise them.  That way, there’s one less thing that may prevent them from working at the moment of truth.  Of course, even a pump that exercises will fail eventually.  That’s why you need to have a backup pump system, no matter what.  You know what we say here at The Sump Pump Company – if you don’t have a backup sump pump, you don’t have a sump pump at all!

Protect your home and what you own with primary AND backup pumps that get regular exercise, and enjoy the peace of mind…

~ Dave

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