Whole-house generator now it time for a backup sump pump

Got a whole-house generator? Great, now get a backup sump pump!

Home Emergency Back-Up Power
Home Emergency Back-Up Power

So you decided to protect yourself and get a whole-house generator to keep the lights on in case the power fails.  Great idea – generators can save a lot of pain and hassle; in fact, you may not even know the power in your neighborhood has failed unless you go outside!

Many people believe that having a generator means they don’t have to worry about having a battery backup sump pump system.  Those people are WRONG!  Yes, a battery backup system will protect you in case of a power failure.  However, the main reason for having a backup pump system is to protect you from a MAIN PUMP FAILURE Most main pump failures have nothing to do with the power – the pump simply gets old, wears out, and stops working.  If you don’t have a backup pump system and the main fails, you will get water in your house even if the power is on!  Your fancy generator will be powerless to help you.

combination sump pump system
C33 COMBO Sump Pump System

A good backup pump system will not only protect your home by continuing to keep water out after the main pump fails, it will also ALERT YOU THAT IT HAS BEEN ACTIVATED.  That alert gives you the opportunity to replace the main pump, so you can maintain your full level of protection.

Of course, good backup pump systems also self-test and exercise themselves regularly, and they monitor the condition of their batteries.  If anything goes wrong, you get an alert.

Don’t get complacent simply because you have a generator and your AC power supply is secure.  Without a good backup sump pump system, you are at risk.  As we say here at The Sump Pump Companyif you don’t have a backup sump pump system, you don’t have a sump pump at all!

~ Dave

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