My Expensive Sump Pump Works Great !

“Sump Pump Works Great, But Expensive”

Sump Pump Company Approved
Sump Pump Company Approved“Sump Pump Works Great, But Expensive”

That’s what was written on a comment card we recently received back from a customer who purchased a system from us, and I think it goes to the heart of what we try to do here at The Sump Pump Company.  You see, our mission is to learn everything we can about all of the sump pump products available, then help you choose which system to install.  Our philosophy is to balance COST against FEATURES, to come up with the best VALUE.


Unfortunately, I have yet to come across a sump pump system that is both CHEAP, and WORTH IT… The fact is, there are dozens of products that span the range from very cheap to outrageously expensive.  In our experience, it’s rare that we come across a situation which requires the most expensive solution.  And, we have yet to see a very inexpensive pump system that actually protects you reliably.  As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and with a system as critical as your sump pump, going cheap could have disastrous (and expensive) consequences.

You may have noticed that we don’t offer a very wide range of products.  The reason is simple: we carry products that have proven, over time, to represent the best balance between features and cost.  Price is only one of the factors we look at; we’re also very keen to make sure our products have the right features to protect your home reliably.

There may be more products coming out that may earn the privilege of being “Sump Pump Company Approved”, but until those products pass our test (including living in my basement), we’re not comfortable staking our reputation on them.  Because that’s what we’re doing when we offer a product – we are staking our reputation on that product’s quality, and on the value it represents to our customers.  And we don’t take that lightly.

So, I’m glad our pump systems work great, and I’m sorry that they may seem expensive.  We know that quality is remembered long after price is forgotten, and if you’ve ever had to suffer through a basement flood, I know you’ll understand that ours is a very small price indeed, compared to the cost of a flood.

So, protect your home and what you own, and make sure you have a quality, reliable primary AND battery backup sump pump system.  Because if you don’t have a backup sump pump, you don’t have a sump pump at all!

— The Sump Pump Company

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