Getting Flooded ? Not Fun.

We’ve Been Flooded, How About You?!?

Anyone who lives around here knows that we experienced extremely heavy rain and severe flooding last month.  While that’s great for our business, it’s definitely NOT great for our customers who were affected.

Many of our customers suffered from sewer backups, when the City sewers became overwhelmed and flowed into their basements.  Unfortunately, your sump pump won’t help with a City sewer backup – for that you need some sort of flood control system, like an overhead sewer conversion.  Our sister company LJ Brown Plumbing is expert at designing and installing such systems; feel free to call them at 847-965-2200 if you have any questions.

The other common way that basements flood is from groundwater.  Most homes with basements or crawlspaces have a sump basin that collects groundwater from around the base of the foundation before it rises high enough to seep into the basement through the crack between the wall & floor.  Your sump pump system is designed to pump the water out of the sump basin and away from your home. For a complete overview of this, watch our Sump Pump 101 video here.

PHCC Pro Series 2400 Battery Backup Sump
PHCC Pro Series 2400 Battery Backup Sump

If your sump pump fails to work, or does not have enough capacity to keep up with the inflow of water, it will overflow the basin and cause a flood.  That’s why we recommend a battery backup sump pump system be installed in EVERY sump basin.  If you don’t have a battery backup sump pump system, you don’t have a sump pump at all!

I know I may sound like a broken record, because I am constantly telling everyone that they need a backup pump system.  We’ve learned that there are two basic types of people – those who have experienced a flood, and those who haven’t yet had the pleasure.  It’s for the latter group that I keep repeating myself, in the hope that they will take steps to protect themselves before it’s too late!

We’ve had a lot of calls recently from the former group, those who HAVE flooded before.  Many customers have said that although they have a backup pump system, the recent weather made them very nervous about another flood, and they came upon our website and were interested in our backup systems.  It’s clear: those who have flooded before would do almost anything to prevent it from happening again!

Don’t be an unfortunate victim.  Protect yourself.  Put in a good sump pump and battery backup system from The Sump Pump Company (serving Morton Grove, Park Ridge, Lincolnwood, Skokie, Niles, Evanston, the North and Northwest suburbs and Chicago’s North Side). and sleep well at night (even stormy nights)!

~ Dave

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