How Extreme Weather effects your Sump Pumps.

Frigid Temps To Flash Floods: Extreme Weather And Your Sump Pump

Our first real cold snap in several years has passed, and we may be about to enjoy some lovely January freezing rain as we “thaw”. I wanted to say a few words about the effect of cold & snow on your sump pump system.

Most people forget about their sump pumps over the winter. With all of the frozen precipitation just sitting on the ground, who cares, right? Well, there are some big issues that can happen when the weather warms up a little. First, all of that snow and ice is simply stored water, sitting there waiting to melt and flow into the ground, down to your drain tile and sump pump. But wait, we all know that snow and ice will melt long before the ground itself thaws out – what then?!?

Frozen Falls Frozen Pumps
Frozen Falls Frozen Pumps

I’ll tell you what – with the ground frozen, it will not be able to absorb that water like it normally would in spring or summer. That melt water will flow to the side of your home’s foundation, then straight down into the drain tiles along the walls. The natural buffer created when the soil absorbs the water will not be there, so your sump pump system will be put to the test!

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security just because it’s winter. Floods don’t only happen in spring, they can happen ANYTIME, so make sure you and your home are prepared.To learn more, call us at 847-967-PUMP (7867) or click here. We’re always happy to help and answer questions.

So be safe in the cold weather, and be alert as it starts to warm up…

Better Business Bureau and Us…

The Pluses & Minuses of the Better Business Bureau

If you’re reading this, you may have clicked the link below the ‘BBB’ logo on our web page.  If you want to read the BBB Business Review for The Sump Pump Company, click here.

BBB - Accredited Business
BBB – Accredited Business

Before you do, I wanted to explain a little bit about the BBB’s rating system and how it works.  The Better Business Bureau has set up a system to rate companies with a letter grade, from  A+ down to F.  The system is designed to help consumers make an educated choice about which company to use (or not use, as the case may be).  There are many different factors that go into deciding what grade to give a company, including complaint history, length of time in business, etc.  For the BBB’s explanation of how grades are determined, click here.

Both The Sump Pump Company and our sister company Leonard J. Brown Plumbing, Inc. are BBB Accredited businesses.  We chose to become accredited, because we really like the idea of an independent third party offering a non-biased opinion and a set of standards for us to follow.  We take great pride in how we operate our businesses and treat our customers, and BBB Accreditation is just one more way we can demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction.

The reason I’m writing this blog is because, despite the fact that we think the BBB rating system is a great thing, you will find that The Sump Pump Company is NOT rated A+…  In fact, we only got an A-!  When I discovered that The Sump Pump Company’s grade was not the same A+ as Leonard J. Brown Plumbing, Inc. (click here for LJB’s review), I was extremely upset, and I had some pretty strong words for my contact at the BBB!!

Well, unfortunately, it turns out that NO BUSINESS can get an A+ rating until they have been in existence for 10 years, regardless of performance, complaint record, or anything else.  In fact, we won’t even be eligible for an A grade until we’ve been around for 7 years.  I wanted to explain, because at first I was a bit ashamed that we weren’t A+ rated, however we’re very committed to the BBB, and we wanted to advertise our accreditation on our web site.

The good news is, despite my best efforts, I was NOT able to convince the BBB to raise our grade.  They have a strict set of rules which they use to rate companies, and they refuse to make exceptions for anyone.  It’s good news because it proves the BBB is ethical and cannot be bought off or pressured to provide a good rating – believe me, I tried very hard!

That being said, I want to remind everyone that The Sump Pump Company, the sister company to A+ rated Leonard J. Brown Plumbing, Inc., has ALL OF THE SAME EMPLOYEES!  Abby & Joan answer the phone for both companies, I manage both companies, and all of The Sump Pump Company’s installations are performed by Leonard J. Brown plumbers.  So, despite the rating, you will receive A+ service from A+ people whenever you call!

~The Sump Pump Company

Water Powered Sump Pumps – Not !

What’s Wrong With Water Powered Sump Pumps?

Well, a lot actually! Not only are they very limited in their capacity to pump water, they require an expensive backflow preventer in order to protect your plumbing system from contamination. Every plumbing inspector I’ve spoken with wants to see water powered sump pumps banned, and there are groups who are working hard to achieve that goal.

Water Powered Sump Pump
Water Powered
Sump Pump

At first it sounds like a great idea… Why worry about electricity, when a water powered pump can function without it? It’s true – the energy that a water powered pump uses to operate comes from the water pressure in your pipes (provided by the municipality). This advantage is far outweighed by the many problems with water powered pumps:

  • They waste water, our most valuable natural resource. Fresh water is thrown away (pumped out with the ground water) every time the pump runs.
  • They can’t pump water very quickly. An average model pumps only around 8 to 16 gallons per minute (GPM) at 10’ lift. Our Pro Series 2400 backup pumps 40 GPM at 10’ lift, as much as many primary pumps. You don’t want a weak backup to be overwhelmed by ground water during a storm!
  • An expensive RPZ backflow preventer is required by code to connect a water powered pump to your domestic water piping.  Worse, this device requires annual testing – a never-ending expense.
  • Water powered pumps have no means for sounding an alarm, so you won’t know that you have a problem.

Don’t waste your time (or risk your home and what you own) with a water powered pump.  They’re more trouble than they seem, and they don’t do a very good job of providing a reliable backup and warning.  As I’ve said many times before, you need a good battery backup sump pump system in your basin.  If you don’t have a good backup sump pump, you don’t have a sump pump at all!

~ Dave


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