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Thanks for visiting The Sump Pump Company. I think I know why you're here...Homeowners with basements and crawlspaces share the same concern - flooding.

Since sump pumps aren't an everyday purchase, most people are unaware of the right features and benefits to look for in a sump pump system and who the best people are to install it.

We're changing that by making the process simple and easy.

At The Sump Pump Company, we walk you through the process from start to finish. We explain the features and benefits of the various sump pump systems, provide an easy way to have your questions answered, and even allow you to order a new pump system online at a discounted price. When our technician comes to your home he will make sure you've chosen the right system, quickly and cleanly install it, and describe how to operate and maintain it. Then, we back you up with our excellent, no-hassle warranty.

That way you're better informed and can be comfortable knowing you've got the best sump pump system for your home.

And that's our goal - to help you protect your home and valuables and save you the headache of a messy cleanup and potentially costly, time consuming remodel.

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About The Sump Pump Company

The Sump Pump Company specializes in helping you keep your basement or crawlspace dry. Our focus is preventing one of the most common causes of basement flooding - water backing up from the sump basin due to a failed pump. We don't fix cracks, rebuild foundations or install drain tiles. All we do is install and maintain sump pumps.

We're located in Morton Grove, Illinois and we service communities in the North & Northwest Chicagoland area. For a complete listing click here.

We install only the highest quality, most reliable primary (AC powered) sump pumps and battery backup systems. In fact, you can watch this Video about residential Sump Pump Solutions.

We're also very proud of our service technicians. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced.

Our technicians enter your home with clean uniforms and shoe covers, and with minimal disruption provide you with a quick, professional installation. We then introduce you to your new sump pump, go over the operation with you and leave behind a simple instruction sheet. Of course, you can always get your questions answered online here, or by phone at 847-967-PUMP (7867)

We understand there's a lot riding on your sump pump. It's important to use a company you trust, a company that installs the most reliable products and a company that ensures the best protection for your home.

To learn more, watch this short video about The Sump Pump Company.